Monday, December 14, 2009

What I think about the political world is cruelness. Racism is a horrible unessceray problem. Racism lives in the mind of the recist people. Humans let their minds control the color of another's skin. Racism plays a big part part of the human nature today and has affected many over the years.
The world should know that this racism issue cannot be solve ever, because of the immaturity of humans. African american, Hispanic, White, Latino, etc, are all different race. Just because their not the same doesnt mean they cant be treated the same. Because of our skin color, we sometimes dont amount to anything and remain underneath others. When people or an individual allows themselves to be deceitful to others only comes from their insecurities. The color in which they dislike, comes from the person they sometimes want to be, so they make a way to downgrade the opposite.
Racism should be instinct to our human nature. We should allow to be judge by the color of our skin. NObody's perfect . no ones race is perfect. This world treat others like they wanna be treated and should not allow racism to be a fight up aganist a different race.

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